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Treatment Options

...locating the source of your pain

Your appointment is specific to you and requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I will customize your treatment for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

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Neuromuscular Therapy

      Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is based on the central nervous systems initiation and maintenance of your pain responses. NMT uses long "de-stripping" strokes along the length of the muscle and its tendons stopping at specific trigger points, or tender spots that seem to radiate pain, to focus a more constant pressure. By holding the trigger point for a short time, the underlying cause of pain, spasm or tension is addressed. 

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Sports Massage

        Sports massage is a style of massage that incorporates rocking, shaking and stretching, to loosen tight muscle, relieve pressure on joints and increase blood flow. Sports massage helps the athlete to recover more quickly from injuries and prevent new ones from occurring. It can be used in combination intercostal work to increase stamina and endurance. Although typically used on athletes, pre and post events, it can also aid the "weekend warrior" to recover more quickly from intermittent activity.

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Deep Tissue Massage

        Deep tissue massage is a technique used to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body by focusing on the deeper muscle groups. Slow even strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas are used to penetrate superficial muscle layers and reach the lower lying, chronically tight muscles. This form of massage is very intense and should only be performed by a certified therapist. 

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Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy massage can reduce fatigue, headaches, low back  pain, leg pain, swelling and edema associated with pregnancy and the body's preparation for labor and delivery. Most sessions will be done with you on your side using a combination of massage styles. Your therapist should be nationally certified  in pregnancy massage so all precautions are followed to ensure the safety of you and your child. No one should ever do this work without the proper training. Please let Tammy know if you think you may be pregnant.
    Have your therapist in the delivery room with you to alleviate some of the stresses of labor. Ask for details. 
Postpartum massage
    Postpartum massage helps a woman's body recover from pregnancy and the stresses of labor and delivery. Massage can help restore the abdomen, rebalance the body, and provide emotional support  to the new mother. Postpartum massage can also alleviate some of the aches and pains of nursing and carrying a new infant.   Post-cesarean moms can benefit from sequential therapy to  the incision site thus reducing healing time and fibrous build-up around the scar. 

There is no reason to pick just one type of massage. I will complete a full health history with you, and we will plan your session individually to meet the needs of your specific condition or pain pattern so we can locate the source of your pain.

There is no cost difference in the different types of massage.


Medical Massage

     Medical massage is a results oriented therapy that addresses a specific condition, injury or problem. It is often used to manage pain, reduce the effects of scar tissue, improve circulation, increase flexibility and reduce inflammation.  Medical massage forcuses on muscle health and recovery.

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Myofascial Release

     Myofascial Release (MFR) is a form of bodywork that helps restore mobility to the fascia, or the tough sheath-like substance that wraps the muscle fibers and tissues into groups. The fascia becomes damaged and scarred due to repetitive stress and strain, injury, poor posture, and trauma. MFR seeks to rebalance and release the tension in the fascia by utilizing long stretching stokes without the aid of lotion. 

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Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is the type of massage usually chosen to facilitate relaxation. It is a system of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints. 
    Swedish massage benefits the body by increasing circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid. It can provide a reduction in muscle pain from repetitive use, stress or strain, as well as, increased energy and relaxation.

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Proprioception Neuromuscular Facilitation

    Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is better known as assisted stretching. PNF utilizes an active muscle's relationship to a relaxed muscle to lengthen or stretch chronically tight muscles. A hold and relax technique is typically used  to accomplish this. Your therapist will stretch the muscle as far as you can comfortably go and then provide resistance while you contract the muscle. When you relax the muscle a second time, your therapist will stretch the muscle a little farther. This sequence will be repeated several times to lengthen the muscle.

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